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In my efforts to assist clients in maintaining the historic integrity of their sites while renovating or restoring, I advise the retention of all original building fabric in order that the resource continues to carry the history of the structure or site. It is in pursuing these goals that I am able to help you maintain and enhance the historic integrity of your site. At the same time I understand that your program requirements must be inserted within the existing artifact. The process of preserving yet upgrading or modernizing historic sites is one that demands thorough examination and identification of all materials and systems that fall within the critical history of the structure or structures. This information allows me to maintain the Authenticity of your site and to avoid diminishing those qualities that may allow your property to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places or other local Historic Registers during a renovation or restoration project. ​
My experience, training, education, and professional contacts over more than three decades have afforded me a unique combination of qualifications necessary to help you reach your goals in preserrving your cultural heritage properties and sites.​
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Restoration must aim to reestablish the potential unity of the work... as long as this is possible without producing an historical forgery... and without erasing every trace of the passage of time... Brandi